Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Words

This conversation took place on our way home from Costco.

"Mom. let's go to Pottery Barn Kids."

"No, we can't right now because the soy milk in the back would go bad and would not be able to be drinkin. Wait, drunk, drank, how would I say that?"

Mathew, "How about saying you would not be able to drink the soy milk."

"Mom, can we please go to Pottery Barn Kids?"

"No, we have soy milk in the back and it would not be able to be drinkin'."


Mama Podkayne said...

Really people give breastfed babes a Vit D supplement? Huh.

I do have a question, after reading your blog.....are you in the DM area? How have we never met? Seriously your post about parenting philosophy before and after children is eerily like my own.....LOL Plus we babywear, cloth diaper and unschool AND it looks like maybe we have children of the same age? Yes?

Heather said...

Yep, a Vit D suppliment. The kicker is that it contains high fructose corn least the one that was offered to me.

I am in the DM area. I found your blog through one of the homeschooling sites. I think peeople were sharing their blogs. Anyway, no we've never met. Weird, huh? My kids are three and one.