Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Own Make-up

The last time I wore make-up was in 2003. At my wedding. 

I like my face the way it is and am not big into putting on bunch of weird chemicals only to be kissed off later by my children. Well, I suppose eye make-up isn't kissed off, but I can't stand to have my eye lashes coated in goo.

My sister got married at the beginning of August and I was a bridesmaid. I decided to get a little crazy and wear make-up. I laughed and told the girl applying my make-up that the last time I wore any was at my own wedding. She stopped what she was doing and said, "Aww, hon, you should take some time for yourself. You deserve it." 

I thought that was hilarious and really, if I were to take some time for myself, I would do something like shower. Daily and without the help of a 17 month old.

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Leigh said...

I don't wear make-up either! I told Joseph tonight after our 3rd and final planned baby...I may just start to better myself. That includes throwing all my clothes away and starting fresh and maybe wearing a little makeup. After I get skinny of course...