Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who Needs Sleep When You Have a Dad?

Mathew was home all last week and I couldn't get anything done because Finnegan refused to nap. Or sleep. I could not figure out what was interfering with his sleep. Teeth? Perhaps. Getting sick? No. Developmental milestone? Nope. Trying his best to ruin my life? Maybe...

Mathew went back to work on Monday and just like that, Finnegan has almost returned to being a good sleeper. Yesterday he slept until 9:30am and today he slept in until 10:20am. He is still staying up way past his usual evening bedtime (which, by the way, majorly cuts into my internet surfing and craft time), but he at least is finally getting enough sleep. 

My final diagnosis? Daddy. Finn just wanted Daddy. 

UPDATE: Nope. Not Daddy either. The good sleeping was short lived. 

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