Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nothing's Better

Every morning my daughter pops out of a seemingly deep sleep and says with great enthusiasm, "It's wake up time!" She then bounces onto my bed and I make every effort possible to keep her from sitting on her brother. This morning, however, Finnegan, who is not normally a morning person, popped up with Maeve like they had planned it the night before. 

The best part about the weekend, at least for me, is that for three days when they wake up they immediately go over to bother Mathew. I'm guaranteed at least five more minutes of pillow time when this happens so I'm willing to let Mathew take one for the team. 

Their morning assault on their father lately has consisted of shouting "dadada" in a very high pitched sort of scream and poking him on the side of the face. Sometimes Finn lays over his face while Maeve bounces on his stomach. I will occasionally blurt out a "stop bothering your dad" or "be nice" just so that Mathew thinks I'm paying attention.  

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