Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Friends

An amazing thing has happened recently in our household. My children are friends. They have finally joined forces and are united against me. 

The instigator is almost always Finnegan. 

Maeve, by nature, is peaceful. She doesn't like to upset people, behaves poorly only when she needs more attention and doesn't think about doing something just for the sake of getting in trouble. 

Finn, on the other hand, is a trouble maker. He climbs, he eats dog food, he dumps markers, crayons, etc all over the floor and he loves every minute of it. Yes, some of it may be attributed to his age, but he has a "look" and that look is called trouble.

Now that my children are friends, Maeve will often times join in on Finn's "fun". And while I don't like having the entire contents of my potted plants all over the floor, I love seeing them enjoy one another.

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Leigh said...

I love this picture!