Thursday, November 6, 2008

I is for Ice Cream

Puffy paint ice cream cones. Surprisingly, Finn's turned out better than Maeve's. 

Maeve has taken an interest in writing her name this week. I told her that the letters in her name need to go in order and this is how she wrote them. She then asked how to spell Finn so that she could write his name as well. 

Prior to this week, we reviewed all of the letters we've talked about so far. Maeve had fun turning the letters into art and just so you know...
A is for apple tree
B is for bumblebee
C is for caterpillar
D is for dog
E is for everything (we used glitter, I couldn't figure out how to make an elephant and we had new glitter we hadn't used yet)
F is for flower
G is for Gus (Maeve's favorite dog that we had to find a new home for, I still feel guilty)
H is for Halloween 
I is for insect (she made a grasshopper)

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