Friday, November 14, 2008

It Will Never Be Clean

The kids were happily playing and behaving themselves so I snuck into the office to check my email. Just as I was sitting down, I heard this high pitched screech coming out of both of them. The screech is the newest thing they do to drive me insane and usually means they are up to no good.

I was in the office for maybe a minute and when I came out there was dirt all over the floor. The kids were digging in my bird of paradise plant. I threatened and swept. 

Then Finn threw more dirt on the floor. I removed him and swept. 

I turned around and Finn threw more dirt on the floor. I removed and swept. 

In the time it took me to wash my hands, Finn dumped his bowl of popcorn, peed all over them on the floor and then ate some of the popcorn. 

I have no idea how people with small children have clean houses. 


Leigh said...

Dude...the other day Isaac came to me and I felt his underwear and they were wet. I saw his hair was also wet. I smelled it....yeah. So I asked him to show me where he peed and he took me to the kitchen puddled where he proceeded to try and show me how he gel-ed his hair.

We took a shower that second. Boys are gross. Isabelle NEVER played in her bodily functions but then again she was on the potty before she could even run! HAHA

Mama Podkayne said...

They just don't have clean houses. Or they have grandparents who watch the kids for a Saturday, but when that would happen (pre-exclusive breastfed baby) usually I would just nap. Because, it is all about the priorities.