Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Tutu for You Too, Take Two

These tutus need a name. Preferably something fun and with two syllables. Leave me a suggestion and if I use it, I'll send your little girl a twirly skirt. You're out of luck if you have boys, unless you want rainbow flannel pants or maybe fleece pants. 

This is my next project and I'm very excited. What little girl doesn't want one of these?


april said...

I love those pettiskirts and they cost a ton in catalogs. I'm so impressed you're going to make one. I have to think about a name for your tutu's so Lola can get one:)

Leigh said...

ToO ToO Cute?!

That is my name suggestion. LOL Is that the right "To?"

Leigh said...

ToO ToO CuTe