Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

The kids and I made cinnamon rolls today. We started by making a yeast bread dough and letting it rise. It was then Maeve's job to lightly dust the table with four. I discovered that we need to work on our definition of "lightly". 

I rolled out the dough while the kids attempted to cut the dough with their knives. Yes, I gave them knives. Next came the spreading of butter. Finn loves to help cook and bake and  says "taste?" each time we get out a new ingredient. He licked his buttery finger and said "mmmm" like it was the most delicious thing that's ever touch his tongue.

Then the kids were each given a spoon to spoon on a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Finn kept taking heaping spoonfuls and sneaking into the living room to eat them. Maeve was great at dumping cinnamon onto the dough, but once she discovered that Finn was eating his spoonfuls she got in on the fun. 

The last step for the kids was sprinkling on a bit of brown sugar. Again, Finn took his heaping spoonfuls into the living room and Maeve was my dedicated helper. That is, of course, until she once again noticed that Finn was eating his brown sugar scoops. It was at that point that Maeve unsuccessfully attempted to eat the brown sugar off of the cinnamon rolls. 

This was an extremely messy project, but the kids had fun and got flour all over Mathew so it was worth it. The cinnamon rolls turned out great, but next time I need to remember to only use glass pans because the batch in the metal pan was burnt on the bottom. 

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Becky said...

you have much more pregnant ambition than I do! I would, however, love your cinnamon roll recipe. Sounds like a good thing to do on Tuesday when Craig is finally home with us!