Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting Organized

We have been organizing and improving our house since we bought it almost six years ago. Here's a small list for those who are curious:

-Gutted the original house. The only thing that remained was the bathroom vanity and toilet, the porch and a few windows. 
-New kitchen
-New floors
-New wiring
-Added three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room and a garage

Mathew is finally revamping the closet in the office (it used to be the only bedroom in the house) and is going to give me closet doors. You have no idea how excited I am for closet doors. I have been staring at that mess for way too long. 

Mathew ordered upper cabinets for part of our kitchen which will be nice since that's where I keep all of the kid crafting supplies. I'm tired of looking at that mess too. 

I think my project for tomorrow will be to organize the laundry room. I am great about doing laundry, but terrible at folding and putting it all away. I end up with piles and stacks of blankets and clothes all over the laundry room. 

Things I'd like to get done this year:
-finish painting stairway and kitchen
-paint doors, closet doors and trim in addition
-organize front porch
-landscape the terrible looking front yard
-expand the garden
-plant some bushes along the fence
-put knobs on closet doors
-make some sort of walk way between the house and shed
-In a perfect world, I'd have both of the maple trees cut down in our front yard and plant something a little farther from the house.
-Cut down enormous, overgrown lilac bush that Mathew hits the van with everytime he drives

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Wheelchair Mama said...

Oh, how our list is so similar. We, also, have a long way to go, but it sounds like you built yourselves a brand new house--way to go!