Friday, February 13, 2009

Proof that Spring is Needed

We went to the library a couple of days ago and left in less than 20 minutes. 

Here's a recap of our trip:

We got into the library with few problems. I went to the counter to return our books. Mistake #1 was made: I put Finn down. He ran back to the doors to push the handicap door opening button repeatedly. A very nice woman stood by the door so he couldn't escape. 

I was able to convince both children to follow me to the children's section to pick out books. 

This is where mistake #2 was noted: I did not bring in a stroller. Finn immediately ran off with a menacing laugh. As he was running, he pushed books off the shelves. The more I chased, the harder he ran and laughed. 

I picked up a kicking and screaming Finn and attempted to help Maeve pick out good books. A young girl approached us and asked why Finn was screaming. That quieted him for a good 30 seconds. 

After gathering as many books as I could reach, we went to the check out counter. At one point I needed two hands and had to put my screaming Finnegan down. He, of course, ran off. Maeve chased him and clotheslined him. She then proceeded to drag him across the library floor by the hood of his sweatshirt. A well-meaning man stopped and asked Maeve to stop dragging the screaming little boy. 

Fun times. Fun, fun times.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, funny, and all too similar to our visits as of late. Except Asher likes to Tarzan off the video circulars.