Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swallow This

Supplements. I hate supplements.

I am currently required to take 500 mg of omega-3s, 1200 mg of calcium and I have to drink a glass of orange juice daily. 

After receiving my "assignment" from my midwife, I eagerly went out to purchase all that was required. I am a terrible pill swallower so I bought chewable (yes, chewable!) omega-3s and chewable calcium gummies. I thought the chewables were the perfect solution, but they trigger my gag reflex every time I attempt to eat one. 

So, I picked up a huge container of fish oil pills at Costco. They happen to be the size of my foot and there is no way they are going down my throat. 

So, I picked up a DHA supplement for pregnant and nursing mothers because the pill size advertised was small. I got them home and swallowed one only to have it get stuck in my throat. 

I am back to the chewable gummies. Except I looked at the back of the omega-3s to discover that they are not for pregnant women. I have yet to call my midwife. 

This is a great example of why I seldom follow directions. 

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Wasn't it you who laughed at my "way to huge to fit in there" comment? No fish pills for me! I will stick to the prenatals I took with my 2 kids who appear healthy and smart enough so far! :)