Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a minor mid-pregnancy crisis and decided to switch midwives. The midwife group that delivered both of my children has grown to five midwives. The level of care received is that of an OB's office, or so I assume. The midwives have so many clients and a seemingly incompetent front office staff that I was finally fed up and needing to go else where. I found a new midwife group that I so far adore. There are only two midwives in the practice and one of them is a nurse practitioner as well as a certified nurse midwife. I am very excited to have a fresh start and work with them. 

The garden has also been taking up my time. We planted the rest of the onions this week and spinach and potatoes. We still have to make a new spot for the tomatoes and peppers and I'm hoping we can get it done in the next few weekends. I also have broccoli and corn to plant and am waiting for my sweet potatoes to sprout so I can plant some in a pot. 

Our terrible dog, Bridget, has been giving me a headache lately. The morning after we planted our fruit trees, she ate one of the apple trees. We were not at all pleased and are not looking forward to replacing yet another chewed thing. Bridget no longer gets to be outside unsupervised. What this means for me is that I have to wait by the door for her to do her business. Unfortunately, our house is set up in such a way that the only way to let her out is through the garage. I have to stand in the garage while the children stay in the house and silently torture one another. I am hopeful that one day soon Bridget will grow out of the puppy stage and be able to be trusted alone in the yard. 

Is is finally garage sale season! I spent $27 the past two days and was able to get almost all of Finn's summer clothes, most of his winter clothes, summer shirts for Maeve and some things for baby #3. I also scored a free huge bag full of 0-3 month baby boy clothes. Many of the clothes were in great shape and nice. I took what I needed and am passing the rest on to my sister and sister-in-law who are also expecting.

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Wheelchair Mama said...

I hear you on the puppy naughtyness. I'll be glad to get past it, too.