Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diaper Stash

This is part of my cloth diaper stash. The top picture contains water proof pads for messy infant diapers, cloth wipes in the middle and unbleached prefolds on the right. 

The second picture is of all of my small and smaller fitting medium sized diapers. On the left are my fitteds (I will be adding eight newborn fitteds as soon as they are finished). The middle and right rows are all of my pocket diapers. 

All of the diapers currently in use are pockets. I keep them in a laundry basket on top of my dryer. The diapers and inserts are in a huge heap and not at all interesting to look at. I attempted to organize them all for a photo, but I kept having to use the diapers. Go figure. I have about 20 medium and large pockets in all sorts of colors.

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