Friday, April 10, 2009


I was motivated to clean and organize today and got more done than I did all winter. Here's my list:

-swept and mopped laundry room
-organized laundry room (have some finishing to do)
-moved all baby stuff into laundry room for storage
-had husband adjust a shelf and basket so I can put diapers there
-admired new dryer
-separated kid clothes into categories
-0-6 mo boy clothes
-12-24 mo boy clothes
-2T-whatever he outgrows
-future sizes
-future girl sizes
-3T- whatever she outgrows
-cleaned out hubby's van so that he can stop making excuses and sell it
-weeded more of the garden (will finish tomorrow and plant some stuff)
-will clean out closet under the steps (finish when kiddos are in bed)
-move seasonal totes to garage
-move stuffed animals upstairs
-might move maternity clothes to master bedroom closet
-husband is sweeping and cleaning out the garage, but he likes to take several breaks so this could potentially take all summer
-I'm hoping I can talk Mathew into finishing the closet shelves upstairs and putting the handles on the closet doors

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