Sunday, May 10, 2009

On and On...

This has been a year of repairs. It seems as though everything in our house is failing and it's starting to drive me nuts. 

It started with our dishwasher. It stopped pumping water out and my wonderful husband couldn't fix it. So we had to decide to either pay a service call plus repairs and parts or buy a new dishwasher. We bought a new one. 

Next the bathroom sink was clogged and Mathew had to replace some of the pipes under the house. 

Then my dryer stopped heating. Again the decision was made to just replace the dryer instead of fix it because the repairs would have cost more than the dryer itself. 

Shortly after my new dryer arrived (I had to line dry clothes for over a week), my washing machine quit spinning the water out. We had the door lock assembly repaired and I was in appliance heaven until my washer started leaking less than a week later. This time the dispenser housing had to be replaced on my only two year old machine. That repair took two and a half weeks. 

While waiting for my washer to be repaired, the downstairs bathroom sink was clogged yet again and more pipes had to be replaced. All of the dirty clothes got sewage on them, as did everything in the bathroom. Hard to clean when there is no washer, you know?

Two days ago I had once again caught up with the laundry when Mathew told me that sewage was in the downstairs bathtub, leaking from under the toilet and leaking from the access drain in the garage. Great! No flushing toilets, no laundry, no dishes, etc. The worrisome part of this repair was that we replaced our sewer line two short years ago so the problem or clog was going to be in the line under the street. The very expensive line to replace under the street. 

Thankfully, my father-in-law rented a snake thing and he and my husband were able to clear the tree roots out of the old part of the line. Husband has decided though that one or both of the maple trees in our front yard must come down since their roots are causing the problems. I'm fine with ridding our yard of those dreadful trees, but I suggested that perhaps we ought to wait until next year when our luck is better and the tree won't collapse on our house. 


Zack and Jen said...

Ugh! That sounds like a rough year. I heard about a product you can buy at Menard's or Lowe's or Home Depot & it's specifically for getting rid of tree roots in the sewer system. I think it's some sort of tablet that you put into the toilet every 6 months, let it sit overnight & flush. Supposedly, it works wonders. It might be worth a try before you take out a huge tree or spend more money on fixing that pipe.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of stuff to have happen! I am glad the snake worked for now.