Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I finally finished all 54 diapers and two covers. 32 of the diapers were for others and the rest have been added to my stash. I feel sort of liberated now that I'm done and have been going crazy with other crafting. 

Last night I made the kids crayon and notebook holders out of felt. Maeve will hate the one for her because it's black and pink and not green and blue. Finn will eat the crayons. They're cute though and will be good for the diaper bag and outings. 

I've also been making felt food. My kids certainly don't need anymore pretend food, but I want to have little prizes for them when their brother is born. I made chocolate chip cookies, heart shaped sugar cookies, cheese slices and my most favorite is similar to this except my cookies are pumpkin shaped. I'd also like to make crackers, ravioli, chips in a bag and possibly lollipops if I can figure them out. 

I've been making beads too. They take a bit of time, but look neat when finished and I won't feel completely terrible when Finn eats one. I'd like to make a big bowl full of beads for sensory play and so that Maeve can make necklaces and bracelets. This is where I got my inspiration. 

I'm also in the process of printing off worksheets, games and activities for the kids. Maeve goes through spurts where she loves worksheets so I've been sorting them by subject/content and putting them in file folders. There are a couple of sites that offer sample worksheets from their workbooks and also sample games. It takes a bit of digging, but the worksheets are nice and the games are simple and colorful. Here is one site and I can't remember the name of the other site and am too lazy to find the catalog. 

There will probably be several other projects in the next nine weeks. At some point, I should pack the hospital bags and start making freezer meals for when the grandparents are with the kids and for when we get home. 


The Langes said...

Kayla loves worksheets too...I actually bought one of the Pre-K workbooks and put the pages in page protectors and in a binder. This way they are reusable (we use dry erase markers on them.

Andrea said...

Seriously. When do you have the time for all of this? I want to do so much of that but the house falls apart if I do & I never feel like I can get back on top of things...but I'm burned out. What's the cure?

Heather said...

Lower your standards for a clean house :)

I have a cleaning schedule and a list of things that need cleaned weekly in each room. If it's not a certain day and the room is trashed, I don't worry about it.

Monday: bathrooms
Tuesday: Dining room
Wednesday: laundry/laundry room
Thursday: Office
Friday: Kitchen
Saturday: Living room
Sunday: Bedrooms

I never clean after the kids are asleep and try do a load of dishes first thing in the morning and then right after dinner. The kids love "helping" with laundry because all of the clean clothes get dumped on the living room floor and they swim, fish, etc in the pile. I wash clothes daily, but never fold until Wednesday. When the house gets really bad and I can't stand it, I give the kids sacks and tell them to pick up as many toys as they can before the end of a song.

s said...

What a great mom! If your still looking to make crackers there is a free tutorial for some awesome ones on American Felt and Craft's blog.
Thanks for the cleaning list too I'll definitly be borrowing that!