Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Halloween in July

We had a Halloween party on Monday. Yes, that is correct, Halloween. 

Maeve decided during her quiet time on Monday that it was the perfect day for Halloween. She requested that all of the decorations be put up and planned what costumes we were all going to wear. She originally wanted to invite everyone she knows, but when I explained that we wouldn't be able to have the party that night, she changed her mind and said it should just be our family.

Maeve drew pictures of incredibly scary pumpkins, hung decorations on the walls, strategically placed all of our spooky light up decorations and did it all while wearing her jack-o-lantern sweat suit. We bought red juice to have with dinner, I made spinach spaghetti (I didn't want anything too gross looking for fear that the kids wouldn't eat it) and we carved a watermelon brain. I also made a round zucchini cake that we were going to decorate as a pumpkin, but Maeve lost the black icing and I ran out of red food coloring so the frosting was more yellow than orange.

Finnegan and I were ghosts, Maeve was a jack-o-lantern, Brigdet, our black lab, was a black cat and our rabbit was an evil rabbit. Maeve had a vampire cape ready for Mathew to wear when he got home from work. Maeve was so proud of her decorating and Halloween party. Throughout dinner she turned to Mathew several times and said, "Don't you just love all of our spooky Halloween decorations?".

I love being able to indulge Maeve's creativity. Yes, it was more work for me that I hadn't planned on, but she was so happy and is there anything better than Halloween in July?

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