Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life Update

I've been a lazy blogger lately because I'm busy nesting. Everything is in order and ready for baby. I'd like to get a few pairs of 3-6 month pants made before he arrives, but I'm sewing more diapers for my lovely nephew so that might not happen. I am 38 weeks today and will find out tomorrow if I'm dilated or effaced. I was going to wait another week to be checked, but he's dropped significantly so I'm curious.

I have Christmas lists made for the kids and if anyone is interested, here's my list in progress:

-felt food

-sweater balls
-felt food
-ping pong paddles and balls (he loves ping pong and I found these for cheap at a garage sale)
-electronic bowling game (another terrific garage sale find that he will love)
-clothes of some sort, although I haven't decided what to make for him

Baby Boy:
-sweater ball
-cloth shoes (perhaps)

I'm sure I'll change my list a dozen times before Christmas, but this at least gives me a place to start. Nothing is too time consuming and all of it looks fun to make. I'm certain we have plenty of wood for blocks, but I'll have to get Mathew to cut the wood since I haven't made friends with any power tools yet. I tend to get really excited for Christmas and have a tendency to go a bit crazy with the kids, but I was able to control myself last year so I'm hopeful again for this Christmas. Thankfully, my kids love handmade stuff.

I attempted to make cloth breast pads last week and failed miserably. I did an outer layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate, the water proof fabric used in diapers), two layers of flannel and an inner layer of minke. The pads were either too pointy for my liking or too crumply and noticeable under my clothes. I bought some cloth pads from Target and even though those are flat, they barely show under my shirt. Whatever. My failed attempt was cancelled out by the success I had making a new bumper and sheet set for my moses basket. So there. 

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

It sucks having a failed sewing attempt! My cloth pad attempt failed miserably. But I am glad you had success with the bumper and sheet!! Best wishes for your labor and delivery!!