Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Lesson in Patience

We started co-sleeping with our daughter as soon as she was born. It was odd for us to think about her going from my womb to a plastic tote in the hospital or to a crib at home. I believe that a child belongs in the arms of it's mother. 

There were many people who were appalled by our decision. A child needs it's own space. Co-sleeping is dangerous and we were putting our child at risk. A child sleeping in our bed would ruin the sanctity of our marriage and create space between us. We were also told that once we put a child in our bed, we'd never get them out. 

I was never worried about our children leaving our bed. I knew the time would come and have enjoyed sharing that kind of intimacy with my children. Co-sleeping is a lesson in patience. I am not in a hurry for my children to grow up, nor am I in a hurry for them to sleep apart from me. I have been and am confident that when they need their own space, they'll tell me. 

Maeve has spoken. Her brothers were starting to bother her and she is such a wild sleeper that it wasn't possible to put Oren anywhere near her. I nudged her a bit by bringing up the idea of moving her bed into her room. She agreed. I made it exciting and positive. The first night she fell asleep on the couch, but then slept in her room until morning. I was not surprised. She was ready. 

The second night Maeve was not comfortable in her own bed. She slept in ours. That's okay because I knew she needed to feel like she was still part of us. She needed a little reassurance and I could see her battling wanting to be "big" and wanting to still be part of something she has known since birth. 

Tonight she is in her own bed. She was anxious, hesitant and a little scared. I sat with her and calmed her fears. It is truly beautiful to watch my child grow as a person. She is strong, brave, determined and such a lovely little girl. I am blessed and thankful to have been given the opportunity to be her mother. 

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