Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Typical Day

Do you ever wonder what it's like with three kids? Here's a glimpse into a typical day...

6 am: Oren starts to stir and I try my hardest to ignore him
6:30 am: Oren says good morning by pooping. I run downstairs to get a diaper and by the time I get back to him, poop has leaked out of his very full diaper and onto my bed. I make a mental note to remember to bring an extra diaper upstairs to use tomorrow morning. I make this same mental note everyday and never remember. Motherhood has ruined my short term memory.
6:40 am: Diaper is changed and poop has been covered up with a towel. We are still in bed and Oren is nursing back to sleep and I am foolishly hopeful that I, too, will go back to sleep.
6:41 am: Finn starts whining.
6:42 am: Mathew's alarm goes off, but he doesn't hear it. Finn hears it and is fully awake.
6:43 am: Maeve is stirring and accidentally kicks me in the face.
6:45 am: We're up. Finn is screaming because there was a dirty diaper on the stairs that I kicked to the bottom. He wanted to kick it.
7 am: I'm reading books while we all eat breakfast.
7:03 am: Finn is screaming again because he spilled his cereal milk all over his shirt. He stomps upstairs to change
7:10 am: Finn is downstairs and dressed. I remind him to take off his diaper so I can put a clean one on his bum. I have to remind him several more times before he actually does it.
7:12 am: Animals are fed, dishwasher unloaded, laundry started, Oren is getting sleepy and the oldest two are watching Word World so I can have a bit of peace first thing in the morning
7:30 am: We do some sort of learning
9:30 am: We are getting ready to run errands. The following phrases are spoken,
"AHHHHH...Bridget ate my toast!!!!"
"Finn take your diaper off and go get a new one. Finn, did you hear me?"
"Maeve, please go in and go potty. Don't forget to wipe this time."
"Did you really pee that fast? Did you wipe? Get back in there."
"Bridget stop drinking out of the toilet."
"I need a snack"
"Did you take off your diaper and get a new one?"
"No. I need a snack."
"You can pick something out when you have on a clean diaper."
"Mom, can I have some milk?"
"Maeve, you didn't finish your milk from breakfast. Please close the fridge and go get your shoes on."
"Finn, where are your shoes?"
"I can't find my SHOES!"
"Maeve there's snow on the ground. You are not leaving the house in flip flops."
10:15 am: We are ready to leave, but only after I run back into the house twice to get things that I forgot.

I won't torture you by writing out the details of an entire day. The kids definitely keep me on my toes.


Andrea said...

lol Very true!!

Andrea said...

Thank you for posting this. . . maybe Corynn is really two children in one?!?!

shineliketheSon said...

hahahahaha...and it was only 10:30! somedays I think I accomplish nothing all day, those are the days I should write the details! And laundry and dishes before 10, THAT is impressive to me!