Saturday, January 2, 2010


Things are changing like crazy in this household.

First, Maeve moved to her own bed in her own room. That has resulted in a self induced later bedtime since Maeve follows me downstairs after Finn has been tucked in for the night. She and I watch the Iron Chef together or some other cooking show. I try to bore her to sleep and she eventually goes upstairs to her room.

Finn has potty trained! I have been trying to get him to pee on the toilet for five years now and he finally decided he was ready. It happened in a snap and all I had to do was explain to him that he needed to pee more than once on the toilet. He is very proud of himself and was so disappointed last night when he woke up and had peed. Thankfully, I still have him wear a diaper overnight.

Mr. Oren is eating everything. His hands, my fingers, his blanket. No, we haven't started solids. If he's interested and watching us eat, I'll have him try something like squash around six months. I might just have him wait until summer when he can eat things right from our garden. When Oren is upset he says "ahma" to get my attention. Maybe he'll be an early talker like his sister (who said Target when she was eight months old, I'm not kidding).

Another big change is the lovely new fridge sitting my kitchen. I didn't get the bottom mount freezer like I had wanted, but the fridge looks like it will be easy to clean (ha! who am I kidding) and the door stores a great number of condiments and milk jugs. The refrigerator also matches my dishwasher, microwave and mixer. Not like it matters, but it does look nice. As an aside, I kind of wish I would have gotten my mixer in pistachio. Although, I always lust after brightly colored things and end up buying something "safe". Like strollers. I don't know how many times I've wanted lime green or orange and then buy black. I guess I'm boring or maybe just incredibly practical since black hides dirt. In any event, my fridge is great.

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