Monday, January 4, 2010

Garden Plans

I am starting to think about the garden this year. Here's what I'm going to plant so far:

-Tomatoes. We'll expand the bed this year and plant double what we did last year. This means 30 plants. We love tomatoes and have already gone through everything we processed from last summer.
-Peas. The kids eat them right from the vine. We need to get fences up for them this year so they'll grow better.
-Carrots. We love carrots and I'd like to plant double what we did last year.
-Lettuce. Again, I'd like to double what we did last year. Fresh lettuce is wonderful and we ate it with every meal. The rabbits can eat whatever we don't.
-Squash. I love squash and add it to just about everything. We planted winter squash last year and it tastes like a cross between pumpkin and butternut. Yum.

Those are our staples. I would also like to plant strawberries and maybe onions. We tried potatoes last year and they were good, but took up too much space so I don't want to plant them again. I'd like to plant a couple more new things, but am not sure what to plant. Beans? Maybe try kale again? Suggestions?

Also, unrelated to the garden, but related to food....rabbits. I am considering breeding them for meat. Yes, I said it. Meat. If we're going to do this, I have the perfect spot in mind for hutches, but we'll have to built the hutches. We have two female rabbits that could potentially be used for breeding, but I still need to find a good male. A California or New Zealand. We can't have ducks or chickens so we're limited with what we can raise for food. I'd like to have a meat source here so rabbits seem like a good fit. I'd also like another indoor rabbit, but it's purpose would be to make me happy and not fill my belly. I want a Flemish giant and might even be able to get one this month. We'll see.


Jen said...

You really think that you could eat those bunnies you raised since birth? I don't know...seems like it'd be too hard to do.

On a separate note, we have chives & rhubarb in our "garden" and I want to grow more stuff this year too. I'm not very good with gardening so this may be quite an adventure for me!

Leigh said...

OMG too much for me! LOL