Sunday, January 31, 2010

He's My #1

My husband and I are quickly approaching seven years of marriage. Seven long, hard, wonderful, rewarding years.

It's funny how years and children change a marriage. Gone are the days when I was upset about shoes being left in the middle of the floor. Now I expect them to be there and laugh when I move them because I know Mathew will spend days looking for his missing shoes.

I recently came across a journal Mathew kept for me while he was studying abroad in Ireland. It makes me smile to read what he had written and amazes me that we had such deep feelings for one another after only a few short months. I still love him as much as I did when he wrote me those love letters, but the difference is that now I say "I love you too" by leaving him a clean shirt in the laundry room.

I am a very lucky girl.


Andrea said...

Very sweet post. <3

Jen said...

What a sweet post! It's nice to be just as happy 7 years later as you were when it all began.