Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Wearing

I am huge fan of baby wearing. I've worn all of my babies and have tried several different carriers. I'm not much of a wrap, sling or pouch girl, but I do love my mei tais. Lately, however, I am finding myself in the market for a soft structured carrier.

I have been very lax with Oren about nap times. When Maeve and Finnegan napped, I would put them down without fail at the same time everyday. It would sometimes take forever to get them to sleep and all involved would get incredibly stressed and irritated. I don't have that kind of time or patience anymore so I've always allowed Oren to sleep in the carrier whenever he gets tired. He goes to sleep peacefully and without struggle. It's nice.

I honestly don't mind wearing Oren for his naps, but he weighs 20 or more pounds at this point and after three hours of wearing a sleeping babe, I hurt. The mei tai straps on my back move around quite a bit and I often times have to hold Oren's head to keep it from flopping out of the carrier. Holding his head defeats the purpose of wearing him because my hands are no longer free.

A soft structured carrier should solve my problems. The back straps will be stationary and save my back and many have sleeping hoods that keep the baby's head from flopping around. Here's what I'm considering and please let me know if I should look at something else.

An Angelpack: I had an Angelpack mei tai and love the straps and body of the carrier. It looks like there would be enough fabric to keep Oren's head from falling back. I also like the fabric choices. That's very important, you know.

A Calyx: This one is very loved by a mama friend who is petite. I am certainly short, but not so petite. At least not until the baby weight begins to disappear. I don't see a hood on this one though and the body seems shorter so I'm not so sure that it would solve all of my problems.

The Patapum: I adore the price of this carrier. It seems like a great choice, although there's an infant version and a toddler version. I know the differences, but am still not certain which I would want to order. I definitely want this to be my last carrier since we are done having kids.

I think that's it. I've considered the Beco, but it's more expensive and out of stock many places online. The Beco website says that a local store carries it so I might check it out so I can see it in person. I've also considered the new Oh Snap! by Babyhawk. That was a very small consideration and only because I love my Babyhawk mei tai. The Oh Snap is expensive and does not come with any sort of hood. It is good eye candy though.

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Mama Podkayne said...

Hey, the Calyx can have a hood attachment AND the petite just means short not around. I am certainly not lacking in the around part, FYI. ;) Also my husband wears it sometimes, it can just adjust better in the short range for height. You can try mine on when I bring you back the chairs? Friday?