Saturday, April 24, 2010


Slowly, but surely we are getting things done. We have been updating our house for the past seven years and have finally started to do more work outside. Two large maple trees came down in the front yard last week because they had been planted too close to the house. We are going to plant our fruit trees (two apples, two pears, a plum and a cherry) in the front and I think they'll look nice.

The rabbits are doing well. We plan to get a male Flemish Giant and possibly a male for the female harlequin, Rainbow. At some point, I want to move the rabbits outside, but that requires building hutches and my husband having the time to do it.

Chickens are not allowed in our city because they are considered livestock. I am going to attend the city council meeting next month and see if they'll grant us permission to have up to six birds. I would love fresh eggs and will probably get chickens even if we don't get the okay from the city. We have an area that is perfect for chickens and no one would notice. I will bribe our neighbors with eggs.

All of the spring plants are in the garden. We have to clear out our tomato, squash and watermelon plots and then we'll be good to go. I can't wait for fresh food.

The kids asked for a puppy yesterday and I am seriously considering it. We tried having two dogs a couple of years ago and it didn't work out. Our house was chaotic and the timing was bad. He was a sweet dog, but our kids made him nervous and I didn't know enough about training at the time to fix the problem. I am a sucker for animals and need to figure out how many is too many. Is there such a thing? The rabbits and chickens will serve a purpose, but another dog?

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shineliketheSon said...

psssst if you have eggs to share, we'd pay you ;) We too are doing house's nice when the projects are complete though hard to do when our kids are so little.