Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Herbs and Lettuce

I harvested some parsley and mint and hung them to dry. I like the way the hanging herbs look in my kitchen. Maeve tells me several times a day that I am going to make her mint rot. I've tried explaining, but I've resigned myself to nodding and just agreeing with her.

I also picked the last of our lettuce and some swiss chard. I blanched the chard and stuck it in the freezer to use in soups later.

The rest of the garden looks good. I'm disappointed with the kale, cabbage and peas this year. We've got lots of green tomatoes, tall carrot tops and some peppers. My winter squash plants are huge and the pumpkin has taken off even though we planted it in a bunch of weeds.

Tomorrow (I hope) I will be planting strawberries in a newly built raised bed. The plants were free and I had intended on planting them elsewhere, but Mathew had other ideas. I can't wait until next summer.

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