Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bobby, Blankety and the Giant Big Bug

I slept with my baby blanket for twenty five years.

I thought it would be sweet to buy the very same blankets for Maeve when she was a newborn. At some point, she refused to sleep without me so I started putting my blanket next to her so she could smell me. She adopted "Bobby" and shaped all of her blankets into a ball that she called her "giant big ladybug". The ladybug had to be shaped just right and Maeve was the only one able to do it. Maeve eventually lost interest in her "bug" so I reclaimed my blanket.

Then baby number two came along, Finn. I bought another set of baby blankets for him, only they were blue in color. He didn't care about blankets until he saw mine. Finn adores "Blankety". He self soothed with the blanket by creating holes with his fingers and thumbs. My poor, dear blanket has been loved so much that there is a hole the size of Finn right in the middle of it. I will never get my blanket back.

Oren sort of got the shaft because my blanket will never bring him comfort. It does, however, bring him a great deal of joy when he yanks it out of Finn's arms. Oren has his own blanket, yellow, that he snuggles with at naptime and bedtime.

And, for the record, I have one more color set of blankets just in case. Green.

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