Monday, August 16, 2010

B is for Bowling

Do you know how hard it is to find bowling stuff online? Or bowling books? Impossible.

We started today by making Bs using card stock bowling pins and bowling balls. The kids colored every single bowling coloring page I gave them and we talked about the three different types of bowling: ten pin, candlepin and duckpin. I showed them where candlepin and duckpin bowling originated on the map and we used a paper towel roll to see what a candlepin probably looks like.

Then I numbered circles (bowling pin markers) and had the kids look at a chart and put the circles in the correct place on the floor. Finn put his bowling pins on the numbers and bowled for a better part of the day.

We followed all of this up by going bowling. They both learned how to correctly hold the ball and which fingers go in the holes.

Oren was a maniac at the bowling place and crawled at lighting speed between the lanes, balls and chairs.  Can you see his disgusting feet?

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