Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kid Kits

I was cleaning my sewing shelves and found an idea list from last Christmas. I thought it would be fun to create various kits for the kids. I made them each a doctor kit and it went over as well as a box of rocks. Actually, a box of rocks would have been better. Anyway, here were some of my other ideas:

Lunch kit in homemade bag (felt food)
-bag of chips
-chocolate chip cookies
-cheese and crackers
-various fruits

Sticker kit
-book for stickers
-stickers (obviously)

Mail kit
-mail bag
-note cards
-address labels
*this could all easily be made with felt and a bit of Velcro

Cleaning kit
-squirt bottles

Hygiene kit
-toothbrush holder
-toothbrushes (my kids LOVE toothbrushes)
-small comb
-small mirror
-little bar of soap

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