Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid Week

The weather has been lovely here this week so bowling has taken a back burner.

Yesterday Finn sorted his bowling pins by size and then by color. I also had him put his bowling balls in order from smallest to biggest. He spent a great deal of time organizing and matching cards from a memory game. Maeve and I worked on venn diagrams for the different types of bowling, but I guess that activity was lame because she didn't want to finish it.

Today we did no organized learning. We went to a park with a beach and lake and the kids really enjoyed feeling the sand between their toes. They followed an outdoor maze and animal tracks and we guessed which animals belonged to which tracks. We ran around our backyard, picked vegetables and Maeve tried her very first (and second) plum.

This week we have taken a few walks to the pond by our house and have attempted to catch fish and tadpoles. Maeve tied a bucket to the end of a toy fishing pole and is determined to catch something. She even used a rubber worm from the Bass Pro Shop as bait. I've tried explaining how to properly catch fish, but she's so excited about her rigged up fishing pole that I am indulging her. I love seeing the anticipation as she pulls her bucket of water and algae out of the water. She has told several people that she was so close to catching a fish.

Finn and Oren enjoy feeding and watching the ducks. Oren quacks anytime someone says "duck".

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