Monday, August 23, 2010


C is for caterpillar and clock.

Maeve selected a worksheet this morning that had her writing the letter "c" on lined paper. She was complaining about writing and I told her that practice makes perfect. Her response was "practice makes poop". That was the last thing she took out of her work boxes. She did, however, write several lists (as usual) and told me that writing is her thing. I explained that she would be able to write anything if she knew how to read. She agreed to read books with me as long as the words I point out for her to read aren't too big. Maeve and Finn did a lot of pretending today and Maeve now refers to her tree frogs as her "amphibians". We also talked more about clocks and time and Maeve worked on writing numbers. She still has trouble writing numbers correctly and most of them end up backwards.

Finn worked on some fine motor skills today. I gave him a paper punch, a green construction paper leaf and told him to punch out the spots that the caterpillar ate. He loved this activity and demonstrated a great deal of patience working with the paper punch. He also built a lego car and a tower with big mega or duplo blocks and played a file folder game.

Oren was trouble. I need to figure out more things that will keep him busy and stationary. He's very curious and wants to do everything that Maeve and Finn do. Unfortunately, this leads to several fights and headbutts throughout the day between Oren and Finnegan. Oren has stuff in his work boxes, but since the work boxes actually belong to him they are of little interest.

Yesterday wasn't technically a school day, but the kids needed some structure so we learned the parts of a clock, the difference between analog and digital and how to tell time by the hour. Maeve already knew how to tell time by the hour and I have no idea if Finn was paying attention. I also decided yesterday that we'll learn about time until they (by "they" I mostly mean Maeve) either figure it out or completely lose interest.

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