Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Learning Space

This is our learning space, aka the office. It is the room that gets used the most and trashed the fastest. The picture above is Maeve's work space and her work boxes. 
This is a picture of Finn's work space. We found the table for free at an elementary school. The boys' work boxes are on the left and the wooden cubes on the table house all of the various types of papers. My sewing junk is on the top and I'm hoping I'll find a better spot for it sometime soon. 

Our book shelves hold library books and other educational books. The top of the book cases hold a math Montessori type game and two Melissa and Doug pattern and letter activities. The bottom shelves are full of distractions for Oren.

Not pictured is my desk. The kids use the computer. My sewing stuff takes up half of my desk shelving and work books and other school related stuff takes up the other half. And yes, the office is two colors. I will eventually finish painting it green. The office has 9' ceilings though so I'm not in much of a hurry to finish.

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