Friday, August 13, 2010

The Rest of the Week

Day 2 was another good day. Finn wasn't very interested in much, but did get out his flash cards again. He did a few and then threw them all over the floor. We read his High Five for kids magazine and he did a great job finding the hidden objects. Finn also discovered a hole in the sink and filled it with wet toilet paper. I made him use tongs to get it out and explained why it's not a good idea to fill up holes with wet toilet paper. I am certain I will be repeating this lesson with Oren.

*Unfortunately, I repeated the lesson a few hours later. Finn thought it was awesome to pull wet toilet paper out of the sink with tongs.

Maeve sat down to work immediately upon waking. We finished her alligator lapbook and she made an alligator card that turned out really cute. She drew a picture of an apple tree and wrote "appl tee". We read more books about alligators.

We met some friends at the Science Center after lunch. The kids made rockets, built an arch and explored.

We practiced math and number recognition today by playing a really fun game. I printed off the numbers 1-10 on cardstock and then threw the pages on the floor. I started by telling Finn to jump on number whatever and started Maeve off with easy addition. She eventually started doing the problems in her head. I introduced adding three numbers together and also introduced subtraction. Finn was able to add too and was able to count on his fingers without skipping numbers.

Oren got to ride in the cozy coupe today and shop lifted a nectarine at the grocery store. We actually did pay for the nectarine, but we didn't notice that he had grabbed it until he had already taken a few bites. He was incredibly proud of his conquer.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

LOL About Oren!! :) At least he "stole" something oldest pocketed candy when she was little!