Monday, August 2, 2010

A Week in Review

This week Maeve and I created a frog castle, complete with a moat, fish, bushes and frog puppets. The castle is made from cardboard and the playmate is felt. We also made a frog bed and chairs and gave them a fire place for their castle. I read the kids the Frog Prince and we acted it out with the finger puppets. I see more play mats in our future.

Maeve has been writing like crazy. She makes the same list over and over and has been working on perfecting numbers. She has started sounding out words and spends most of her quiet time writing and drawing. I love seeing her drawings and her interpretation of words. Today she attempted to write "hungry, hungry herbivore, Tank, triceratops". Her version was "hugre, hugre, hbvor, Tac, tcatop".

Finnegan loves computer games. Poisson Rouge is one of his favorite sites and he is great at figuring out the puzzles and how to play the games. He is able to manipulate the computer without asking for help. Finn is also really knows his numbers.

As soon as I am finished planning our first week of school, we will get started. We were all sick last week so I'm a bit behind, but I have a rough sketch of the first 10 weeks. I don't plan to use a curriculum. I use and will continue to use Progressive Phonics for reading and we'll read Aesop's Fables, Hans Christian Andersen, E.B. White and other classic and traditional stories. Time and measurement will be the first two math things we learn about and I plan to teach them geography starting with the continents. Everything else, at least for right now, will be covered via life. We are always talking and learning about science, art and history. We'll do a lot of experiments and nature walks this fall.

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