Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bedtime Bags

 This was a two part project and the kids had a lot of fun.

First, I cut an old pillowcase in half and cut all but one of the seams. I watered down acrylic paints and let my kids paint their piece of fabric.

After the paint was dry, I lined the bag and added a pocket to the front. I still need to make a handle.

This bedtime bag will be at home on my son's bedroom door knob. The pocket is for the bedtime book of his choosing and the bag will hold his pajamas. This will be wrapped and given to him for Christmas. Unfortunately, he already found the almost completed bag and was really excited about it. I'm hoping he forgets about it and will be just as excited when he sees it filled with new books and pajamas.

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday.

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Melynda said...

My goal this year is a return to a homemade Christmas, where every gift is hand made. I have made many changes to slow down my life, to return to where I started out so many years ago. These bags will be great gifts.