Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Last Week of September

What happened to September??

We sort of took last week off from doing anything formal. Not that we do much formal learning anyway, but my husband was home all week so we did absolutely nothing and did it as a family. It was lovely.

We started this week with a trip to the library. We usually go to the library on Mondays. The kids are done learning about dinosaurs, reptiles and amphibians and done studying animal habitats. They haven't expressed an interest in anything particular so we're going to learn about our wonderful state. Maeve is also interested in learning how to sew so we brought home crafting books too.

Today the kids labeled a map of our state and Maeve wrote down the biggest cities and located them. We talked about the state flower, rock, tree, bird, flag and motto and the kids colored various pages relating to all of it. I read a lot of interesting facts, but I think all the kids heard was "wah, wah wah.." Ah well.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a very hands on learning center about the history of our state. Thursday Maeve has art class and Friday I think we'll try to get to the state museum. Depending on the interest level, I might have the kids do lap books.

I've been a lot more relaxed lately about learning. I've been going with the flow and planning according to what the kinds are interested in at the time. I think it's working well, although there are some days that the kids require a bit more structure than I've planned for that day. This is definitely a learning process for all of us, but we're having fun and the kids are retaining information which is really my only goal for the year.

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