Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Week 10/11

Maeve is stuck on dinosaurs so we've been working on a dinosaur lap book this week. We've been exploring a lot outside and yesterday Maeve decided to decorate the house for a Tampon Festival. That's right, a Tampon Festival. She cut up enough confetti to fill a bucket and she and Finn threw it all over the living room. I was told they were practicing for the festival. I'm not certain was happens at a Tampon Festival, but it did involve opening all of the tampons they found under the bathroom sink. Maeve said that everyone will receive two tampons and we will throw them up into the air at midnight.

Maeve found some fabric she loved at the fabric store and turned it into a purse. She did all of the sewing by hand with her tapestry needle and embroidery floss. She was very proud of her purse and said that it had great rock style. Maeve has great rock style when she wears the purse. Heck, Maeve has great rock style when she doesn't wear the purse.

Finn has been mastering a Wii game. He obsesses for awhile and will probably move on to something else by the end of next week. When he bowled last Saturday, he was able to tell me his score throughout the game. I didn't realize he knew his numbers that well. I was impressed. He absorbs everything.

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