Friday, November 5, 2010

This Week in Learning

 This week we learned about the heart and brain. We made blood (I didn't want to use red food coloring so I heated frozen strawberries and strained them) and saw what it looks like when blood goes through a vein or artery. We also took an egg and attempted to protect it like our skull protects our brain. Maeve was super excited about this and sewed a little pouch for her egg. Unfortunately, she found out that a soft layer of fabric isn't enough to protect an egg from injury.

I traced the bodies of the kids and taped the paper to the wall. As we study the various body systems, I'll have the kids fill them in on their bodies.

We also talked about positional and ordinal numbers. Maeve and I made place ribbons and Finn matched the ribbons to the numbers on the card. I wasn't sure if either kid knew all of the ordinal numbers, but they had no problems and said first, second, third, etc without my help. Maeve was most excited about the puffy paint.

This week Maeve also continued to work on the short vowel "a". She was able to read through several pages and read complete sentence on her own so I think we can move on to the next vowel. She was super embarrassed about reading, but I was really proud of her!

We also read books (some online) and the kids played Starfall and Poisson Rouge. Finn loves Poisson Rouge and I like that each game is like its own puzzle. It's really a great website and I highly recommend it for the 3-5 age group.

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