Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week of Dec 6th

Here's what we're doing this week:

visiting friends
Christmas craft: making a hula hoop wreath

Math: read the story of Penny on the computer, name/review the coins and put in order, make a bank
Geography: Australia
Phonics: review the short vowel u and move on to ch, the and sh
Christmas craft: reindeer clay pots
Science: sense of taste, label parts of taste on the tongue

Math: read birth of a coin on the computer
Geography: Africa
Phonics: ch, th and sh
Christmas craft: Buckeye bags
Science: blindfolded taste test

Math: coins for candy on the computer
Geography: Europe
Phonics: ch, th and sh
Christmas craft: shaped soap
Science: put different foods into sweet, sour, bitter or salty groups, taste examples of each and then cut out pics in magazine to sort (I might cut out the pics so the kids don't get too distracted)

This week's links: (special box and shaped soap) (Wed) (parts of tongue) (Thurs)

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juliecache said...

having fridays off is nice, isn't it?