Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We are having a very fun, frog filled week.

The kids made origami frogs yesterday and have been working on their lapbooks. Maeve loves lapbooks. Finn has enjoyed cutting the things to put in his lapbook. He got a little carried away with the cutting, but he told me that that's how he wanted it.

I had planned to make a new frog habitat, but I'm having trouble finding the correct container. I will either order it online or abandoned the project and encourage Maeve to be happy with our current frog habitat.

We're going to play leap frog, sings some songs, read some books and play a hopping math game that I haven't yet created.

We are also learning about the six pillars of character. Last week we studied caring and this week we're doing respect. My goal is to make them a bit more mindful about how their actions affect others. It seems to be working because both Maeve and Finnegan have done some very kind things for one another over the course of the week.

I had planned to study George Washington and Abraham Lincoln this week too, in honor of Presidents' Day, but I'm not sure we're going to get to them. I'm hoping we finish the frog lapbooks tomorrow and can cover the presidents Thursday and Friday. We'll see. The wood burning stove installers were here on Monday and will be here again Wednesday so my plans have been interrupted a bit.

Here are the links I'm using for this week:






http://mariemarie0000.free.fr/fichiers/images/frog.swf (interactive dissection)

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Leigh said...

Isabelle's school does a new character trait each month. They have a list of things they can do to earn a dog tag. Isabelle loves it! :)

Also, Isabelle brought home the frog bag today! So we are on frogs too!

AND - she learned something about slaves today. Apparently one of them put themselves in a box and had himself shipped to freedom. He was upside down the whole time.

She was shocked to learn about MLK jr and his assasication and we talk about him a lot stil. I then told her about JFK. She can't believe that she could not be friends with her friends because of the color of their skin! She is really into it and I LOVE IT! I also gave her a crash course on the hollocaust and she wanted to hear more more more but I told her when she was older.