Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frugal Gardening

I am frugal for two reasons: most of the time I don't have the money and if I do have money I don't like to spend it.

I planned to buy a tall, wire shelving unit for seed starting this year, but the shelves are $35. That's not a lot of money, but more than I want to pay. Thrifting is not always do-able with three small kids so that lead me to thinking about reusing what we have around the house.

This is a wire shelf that was never installed in one of the closets. It's propped up with four of my kids'
play food containers. The blue lights were found on clearance for next to nothing and provide warmth for the seeds overnight when the house gets cold.

I save yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese containers throughout the year when I remember to keep them instead of recycle. The green leafy thing is a remaining celery end that sprouted in a bowl of water. We finally put it in dirt and I'm hoping it continues to grow.

I have been save plastic baggies to reuse over the     tops of the yogurt containers to help retain moisture and warmth. I also saved all of our seed sprouting/planting containers from last year so that we can reuse them when/if the seedlings outgrow the yogurt containers.

The seeds seem to like the new setup because most of them have already sprouted.


juliecache said...

i cannot wait for spring!

starlighthill said...

How very resourceful. It looks like you made some little terrariums for seed starting...so smart.

Kimberly said...

That totally sounds like me with the wire shelving. I would look at the price too and then figure out how to made do with things I have.

I know nothing about plants. I hope this is the year for a garden for real. I'm going to try your celery sprouting thing!

Andrea said...

Talk to me about blue lights. Regular light bulbs don't work? Do you leave them on all night? I too have begun to think about seed starting- I'm already saving containers too.

Heather said...

Any kind of light will work. The blue rope lights were on clearance and why get plain lights when you can get BLUE? I chose rope lights because I can zip tie them to shelves. I leave them on all night. You could also get UV lights.