Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Week Randomness

We were all feeling lousy last week so not much got accomplished other than feeling very cooped up.

This week we'll be starting to learn about the six pillars of character. I'm going to start with caring since tomorrow is Valentine's Day. We've already done some Vday crafting and tomorrow I've planned some math and reading activities that fit with the wonderfully overrated holiday.

As an aside, my husband and I celebrate eight years of marriage on the 15th. I always feel the need to clarify that we did not pick that date because of Valentine's Day. February 16th, 2002 was the day of our first date. It was a study date initiated by yours truly, however I had no intention of studying. Mathew came over with pages and pages of typed notes. Nerd. Our date ended with us kissing on top of giantic playground slides. Aw. I still love him. The end.

Anyway, we are going places this week. The weather is supposed to be warm (as in 40+ degrees) and sunny and we are ready to be out of the house. I will be doing a lot of teaching as we go and I am certain new interests will be discovered.

I will be putting stuff together soon for a unit about plants and gardening. I bought Maeve a strawberry plant from Target's dollar section and the old woman checking us out went on and on about her strawberry plant and how growing something with the kids would be a fun learning experience. I nodded and happily added that the kids had just helped me start 38 tomato plants. I didn't bother mentioning the fruit trees, carrots, kale, chard, peas, squash...... We've got the growing and learning thing down to

Speaking of cashiers, we were at the grocery store today buying Cadbury eggs and the high school aged cashier was very confused. For whatever reason, he thought the Cadbury eggs were .99 cents each. I had four. He got out his cell phone and explained that he was using the calculator to add. I explained that the chocolates were two for a dollar. It took him a minute and he said "so that's two dollars." Yes, yes it is. Shall we ask my three year old to be sure? Of course I wasn't rude to him, but I wanted to say that he was one of the many reasons we home school. Why the young man wasn't using the register was beyond me, but adding .99 cents really had him stumped. I wonder if he can add 100s and subtract 4?

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