Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I like books. I like reading books. I like collecting books. I like the smell of books and I like looking at pictures in books.

I like ordering books online. I like going to book sales. I like finding books at thrift stores.

Anyway, we've acquired some new books here lately and several of them are homeschooling related, although I could probably make the argument that all books are homeschooling related. I wanted a little direction and help teaching math so I ordered Singapore math 1A, 1B and 2A for the kids. I really like the textbooks and workbooks and think they will work out well for us. Maeve was subtracting after one lesson and Finn breezed through his stuff like nobody's business.

I also ordered several Explode the Code books for phonics and reading. The kids really like the printable online books from Progressive Phonics so the Explode the Code workbooks will be in addition to what they're already doing. I also found five Explode the Code books for reading comprehension at a book sale today and couldn't pass them up.

Another new goodie is Power Glide Latin. Yes, Latin. Latin intrigues me and seems like a good first language to learn since so much of the language we speak is rooted in Latin. We'll see if the kids like it. I bought a couple of Spanish books too just for good measure.

We found books about the presidents and US history and I discovered that I already own an Abeka book that we'll use for history next year.

I also bought The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories. I love all of the illustrations and the simplicity of the stories. We've been reading from the book every night before bed and the kids love it. Finn has spent probably over an hour looking through the book. I remember my first children's Bible and how much I loved all of the stories and pictures. It pleases me that my kids like it too.

We are all very excited about our new books and I haven't put them away yet because I like looking at them. Ok, maybe it's because I haven't found a place for them.


Abby said...

With our book finds from yesterday I decided I needed a good cataloging app to keep track of everything-I know we ended up buying a couple books we already had, and until my built-in bookshelves are oh, built and in, it is hard to keep track of everything. I had waaaay too much fun putting our new purchases in yesterday. This particular program has a scan feature so I can just scan the barcode and it enters it. Now I just need a newer touch or pad to do that with.
I agree with the books thing-I like ebooks from time to time, but I'll never not like my real books. They are treasures. And some of the vintage ones we got yesterday have me waaaay too excited, as well. I love the old illustrations. They have so much character. I think I saw some of the books you were talking about. I had to keep myself strong and not buy too much :) Glad you got some goodies!

Alyce said...

Singapore Math is awesome. I wish more school districts were using it here.