Monday, April 18, 2011

Groceries for Two Weeks

A friend of mine recently shared a link to a book called Hungry Planet. The book is full of pictures from around the world and details what people buy from the market or grocery store.

I found it fascinating to see how much some families spent on food. I admit that I am frugal and I definitely think that making most things from scratch helps our budget, but one family spent around $500 for one week's worth of groceries. How is that possible??

Here is mine. The picture isn't as pretty, but this is what I bought for two weeks for my family of five. I spent $102. There are five bags of potatoes hidden behind everything.

I posted my menu and grocery list here and stuck to it, with the exception of vinegar, more potatoes than planned (they were on sale for .88/bag) and orange juice.

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juliecache said...

love that book. and it's companion, too.