Saturday, April 16, 2011

Learning Update

I am amazed at how much can be learned from everyday life.

I recently bought math books from Singapore Math and the kids really enjoy them....when they are motivated to work on them. I don't force my kids to sit down and learn. If they are not in the mood, everyone involved gets frustrated and upset. Maeve has worked through the first 15 pages or so of her math book and I don't know if the lessons have inspired her, or if she is starting to finally be interested in numbers, but she has been counting everything. Maeve even counted from 1-100, which is a big deal for her. After she counted to 100 she turned to Finn and said "I bet you can't count that high." Finn was like "Dude, I've been counting that high since I was two."

We've been studying weather lately and learning about the different types of clouds and how to read weather forecasts.

We've also been very busy playing outside, working in the garden and exploring. The kids have made several worm  homes and have discovered that a wheel barrel really isn't the best place to put worms before a big rain. Oren has decided that he does like to eat dirt and that feeding the rabbits is awesome. He has also been jumping off a whole slew of things in the yard and I'm thanking my lucky stars as each day passes without him needing stitches.

Our family has grown. Our rabbit, Flower, recently had bunnies. I counted at least five today and am looking forward to when they get a bit bigger and we can handle them. I think the kids will get a kick out of watching the babies grow. We have three chicks too. I believe they are Red Sex Linked chicks. It will be fun getting the kids involved in the coop building. I also think they'll be able to help care for the chickens. Oren is all about feeding the animals and gets upset when I do it without him. Maeve loves her chick, Feathery, and Finn likes to watch his chick, Chickeny, run around, but isn't too interested in touching it because he doesn't want to have to wash his hands.

I love this time of the year.

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