Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Bunch

I love my kids.

I often times complain about Oren's busy ways, but there is nothing better than when he wraps his little arms and fingers around my neck and hugs me. Or when he give me a toothy grin because he's about to do something terrible. My heart melts when he laughs that huge belly laugh that comes from pure happiness and joy. He truly is amazing.

Finnegan is my most sensitive kid. His feelings are hurt easily and he has a gentle soul. Finn is a snuggler and a silent observer. He feels and loves deeply and almost always has good intentions. Finnegan is funny, smart and kind hearted. He, too, is amazing.

Maeve is in a league of her own. She is the oldest and very clever. Maeve is also kind hearted and will often times offer to spend her money on a toy for Finnegan. She adores her brothers, but you will seldom hear her admit it. Maeve is creative, strong willed, spunky and loves nature. She, of course, is amazing.

I am so lucky to be a mom and have the opportunity to homeschool my kids. Life doesn't get much better.

Actually, I take that back. I think when my kids discover that they can serve me breakfast in bed, life will get better. And life might get just a touch better when Oren stops jumping off of tables and furniture. In the meantime, I think I have it darn good.

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