Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Zoo

These tadpoles are some of the newest members of our crew. They are eating a piece of boiled lettuce. I am looking forward to watching them grow.
This is our Flemish Giant, Fiona. She weighs about 20 lbs. She lives on our enclosed front porch and is litter box trained.
These are our Red Sex Link chicks. Well, not exactly chicks, but they aren't quite old enough to lay eggs. From left to right: Feathery, Chickeny and Drumstick. I like the chickens.

Flower is our very pregnant and due in two days, Californian doe.  She enjoys pooping and peeing in the only spot that doesn't have a wire floor. She also likes to wait until the very last moment to build a nest and pull fur.
Bowling Pin is mad at me in this picture. You see, he spent a great deal of time chewing through the wooden cage divider and I ruined his escape. He and Flower often lay together on the opposite sides of the walls.
You can't see him, but inside the cave is Maeve's new toad, Toady. Toady is tortured, and by tortured I mean "loved" in only a way a six year old can love a toad, on a regular basis. I would rather have Toady in my garden.
These are the fire belly toads. Santa brought them and I'm not sure what he was thinking.
This is Bridget, our four year old black lab. She is finally a nice, good dog and I no longer want to find her a new home on a daily basis.
Rainbow is a Harlequin and is Maeve's speical rabbit. Rainbow is about four years old and is the tamest of all the rabbits.

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