Monday, May 16, 2011


My favorite thing to do besides clean the house constantly (haha) is re-purpose clothes. My husband and I have a closet full of clothes that we've outgrown in one way or another. I save everything so that I can turn it into something else.

My husband received a very nice, blue linen shirt for Christmas. Unfortunately, the shirt was the wrong size, so I used it to make the best pair of spring/summer pants for my four year old son. I also turned an old pair of my khakis into pants for my four year old. I found the perfect pattern here (I added about 1/4 in all the way around the pattern and added a 1/2 in for length for growing room):

I am trying to use up some of the huge pile of clothes I've been saving for sewing. I also have a large pile of fabric I received at Christmas that I am tired of shuffling around. I post pictures of all of my projects soon.

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theviewfromhere said...

You need to get yourself some WWII era sewing books. Full of those kinds of goodies.