Monday, June 6, 2011

Sewing Projects

Watch out world because I have figured out how to sew pants. I made a few attempts last year at creating my own pants pattern, but for whatever reason, I failed miserably. I've been on a sewing kick lately and found this boy pants pattern. I added about 1/4 of an inch all the way around and have been making the pants longer so that I can let out the hem as needed. The pants fit my lean four year old perfectly. I am super excited to be able to make him pants because he hates zippers, snaps and buttons, I love re-purposing clothes and he will finally have some comfortable pants that are a bit dressier than sweat pants.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a shirt. I have never made a shirt so this ought to be interesting. It doesn't seem difficult, but shirts have always intimidated me. I made my own pattern and will be using this tutorial. We'll see how it turns out.

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